Who are we?


We are a young, dynamic and energetic group of professional communicators, trained journalists and digital experts who are constantly looking for the next New Idea to help brands establish a strong presence in a cluttered consumer market.


Through our collective expertise, we ensure ‘That Bird’ gets fed the best diet of stories about your brand.

What we do.


We get your brand noticed. This is how we do it:

Brand Consulting

Authentic communication is always a two-way process and one of its most important elements is an illustrated knowledge of the needs and emotions of the receiver – this is invariably achieved with strong narratives on and about your brand. Feed That Bird ‘workshops’ this brand narrative to identify your brand’s niche in the market – and then actively goes after it with relevant, engaging and proactive storytelling.

Digital & Social Media Storytelling

We are proud of our ability to develop creative digital engagements that encourage active participation by influencers and consumers. We are strategic in our social media PR and motivated by a ‘strong content first’ policy, which allows brands to find their unique voice in a very challenging online world.

Visible Endorsements and Curated Experiences

Feed That Bird conceptualises and executes memorable events and tactical brand engagements, and taps into our network of strategic relationships to ensure the right attendance or brand engagement for relevant publicity and valuable brand goodwill.

Media Relations

With more than 10 years’ established media relationships, and with a professional history in journalism, Feed That Bird is able to identify relevant news and lifestyle angles for all platforms to ensure a 360° approach to brand marketing. We are proactive opportunists, which means we are quick to identify coverage opportunities, and, by virtue of our strategic media relationships, quick to secure.

Crisis Communications

In the event of unnecessary negativity, Feed That Bird provides strategic counsel and support to lessen any negative impact on your brand. We are quick and professional and experts in taking a conversation offline.

Relevant Measurement

Feed That Bird defines success by goals set by the brands we work with – whether it is an AVE rating measuring awareness and message penetration in the market, or a marked difference in the sales of your product. By working closely with brands we align PR goals to meet their expected ROI.

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