About Feed That Bird

About Feed That Bird

What our clients say.

What we say.

Feed That Bird is an agency of expert writers, and strategic communication specialists focused on providing brands in South Africa with tactical public relations strategies and national consumer engagement programmes. Whether it is the traditional ‘little bird’ or Twitter’s blue bird, via our agency, we make sure ‘that’ bird gets the best diet of unique stories on and about your business.


Feed That Bird is owned by Jeanri-Tine van Zyl, a trained journalist with practical experience as a magazine journalist, online editor, and blogger. As a Public Relations Consultant, she has managed communication and publicity for several corporate and consumer clients in Johannesburg and Cape Town.


Feed That Bird offers a range of services aimed at communicating with the people that are important to the success of your business. These services encompass all the traditional public relations needs, but at Feed That Bird we go the extra mile to make sure that your particular brand finds a home in the mind of the consumer – and this means incorporating digital and a range of tactical engagements in the strategic communication plans we develop for our clients.


At Feed That Bird we believe that consumers like real conversations about real things. We work hard to understand your place in the market and then work even harder to achieve your goals within it.


Engaging content is at the core of what we do. We are storytelling agents who develop unique stories that resonate with your target market.


We focus on creating brand identities that reflect the exceptional offerings of your business. We also recognise that social media has made everyone – even owners and CEOs – a publisher. At Feed That Bird we incorporate this reality into the brand strategy we develop for you: we help build audiences via social media and engage them with shareable stories relevant to your brand to drive brand recognition.


At Feed That Bird we do not see ourselves as PR suppliers, we are your PR partners – your goals are our goals, and we are driven to help you achieve them.

Our team promise

  • You will receive customised strategic insight, strategies and business input.
  • We will never take your business for granted.
  • We will take pride in the work we deliver for you.
  • You and your brand will be treated with respect.
  • We will push beyond boundaries, be brave and walk miles for you.
  • We will strive to understand your business, its challenges and opportunities.
  • We will always be open, honest and authentic.
  • We seek to optimise your return on investment.
  • We will be focussed, professional and innovative.
  • We will ensure working with us is a positive experience.