Meridian Wine Merchants: #ShadesofRose

Undoubtedly one of Feed That Bird Communication Consultants’ favourite campaigns, we discovered the many shades of Rosé.

Feed That Bird Communication Consultants were commissioned to create a campaign to showcase Meridian Wine Merchants’ diverse Rosé portfolio. To reach new audiences, create awareness and increase brand engagement, FTB created a #ShadesofRosé influencer campaign and collaborated with 16 multi-disciplinary creatives located in Cape Town and Johannesburg to provide their artistic interpretation of the various shades of Rosé.

The influencers were invited to partake in a social media challenge where they shared all the different ways they see the world through “Rosé-coloured glasses”. The most creative influencer with the most post engagement won a case of Rosé and two Rollei 60mm Solid Glass Lens Balls valued at R1 400 for them and a follower.

TWITTER FEEDBACK: A total of 141 675 people were reached on Twitter between 8-25 July. Twitter reactions increases by 480%, comments increased by 1 550%, and post shares increased by 740% between 2-29 July.

INSTAGRAM FEEDBACK: Post impressions increased by 363%, reach increased by 200% and profile views increased with 192% from 2-29 July.

FACEBOOK FEEDBACK: Meridian Wine Merchants’ page views increased by 98%, page previews by 202%, page likes by 314%, and post engagement increased by 187% from 2-29 July.