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KWV Brandy Reimagined

Feed That Bird Communication Consultants was hired by KWV Brandy to reposition this 100-year-old brand as a young and vibrant drink and to effectively reposition it in the market.

Feed That Bird conceptualised a four-month campaign, called KWV Brandy Reimagined, which was aimed at the places where KWV Brandy needed a presence most: in bars and restaurants.

The campaign involved SA’s top bartenders, creative chefs and SA’s most respected sommeliers, and was the first campaign of this magnitude for KWV Brandy.  Over a period of four months, this campaign resulted in a PR value of R6-million and invaluable endorsements from key players in the trade.

Some of the coverage received appeared in the following publications:

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KWV Brandy Reimagined Campaign

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