Getting creative with #Hashtags

To celebrate International #DrinkChenin Day, Feed That Bird had to come up with a creative way to ensure that Breedekloof Makers – purveyors of fine Chenin Blanc from the Breedekloof Wine Valley – got their share of voice in the social media buzz. How do achieve this at a time when every other Chenin Blanc producer is trying to achieve the same? The answer: you get creative.

We sent 12 media a different, unlabeled and hand-numbered bottle of wine from the Breedekloof Makers collective. On the Wednesday before these 12 wine lovers were asked to gather for a virtual tasting to see who could guess the Chenin Blanc they received by following clues they received with their bottle of wine, as well as clues Tweeted via the hashtag #GuessTheChenin.

The result? An engaged audience and fantastic feedback from participants:

“Instead of one-dimensional media drops where you get a bottle of wine with a nice message and a polite request to #DrinkChenin on the day in question (implying that you drink the freebie and plaster social media with images of said freebie along with the hashtag), 12 people (including myself) were each sent a different, unlabeled, hand-numbered bottle. On the Wednesday before #DrinkChenin day, we all virtually gathered on Twitter and using the specific #GuessTheChenin tag, played a little game of wine-Cluedo with the Breedekloof Makers…”