Cape Fine & Rare Wine Auction 2019

2019 introduced the new-format Cape Fine & Rare Wine Auction: new venue, new branding. There was a strong need to delicately balance the association with the former Nederburg Auction with that of the new, ‘evolved’ auction. The legacy of the Nederburg Auction was an important factor in communication, but so was the fact that change was needed to invigorate an event to effectively reflect and capitalise on the positive sentiment shown to SA wines currently.


Amidst the media buzz of the South African auction season, Feed That Bird stepped in to develop newsworthy content pieces to increase visibility of the Cape Fine & Rare Wine Auction.

Feed That Bird came onboard as publicity partners in August, which meant that engagement was focused on short-lead (newspaper) and digital media (online) as long-lead media needs to be briefed at least three months in advance. Consequently, magazine coverage was severely limited.


Feed That Bird focused on newspapers and online media to ensure daily communication via social media with boosted posts and relevant engagement to ensure awareness was seeded as far as possible. We developed copy on individual lots and presented media with new angles almost weekly for a six-week period. We presented this in a digital mailer format, which enabled us to track individual media’s opening and reading preferences. This allowed us to personally follow-up with media who did not necessarily engage with the mailer. Our maintained new-content-approach constantly provided media with appropriate angles suited to their audiences’ taste.

All feedback received has been positive. The new format appealed to buyers who commented that it was “sleek” and “sophisticated”. The event was ultimately deemed “successful” by local and international media.

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