Busy bodies reveal their #WorkLifeBalance tips to Balance Wine

Life can be a trapeze act that calls for fine balance between work and play. Balance, the quirky brand from Overhex Wines International, motivates for this work-life-balance with its range of ‘friendly’ and ‘fun’ wines that are easy to enjoy. With a range of varieties, from Sauvignon Blanc to Pinot Noir, Balance includes wines to sip after a long, gruelling day at work or the perfect wines for that special date.

Marketing Manager at Overhex, Carla Joubert, who herself manages a busy, but rewarding career life, says: “On life’s eternal see-saw, the art of staying on top requires a fine balancing act. That’s why it’s so good to know that whatever the ups and downs, there’s always Balance to help you restore your happy equilibrium.”

For advice on how to achieve this balancing act, Balance asked a few of South Africa’s busy wine lovers how they manage to make time for the important things in life:

A family girl at heart, Claire Allen understands all too well the importance of finding time for those closest to her. Then comes food, then comes business. She says: “For me the first thing to do is know who you are and how you work, if I push myself to 150% I need (balance) by locking myself away with pizza and my TV and have my downtime to re-energise and find my happy place. Very important daily is exercise – I train three times a week with a personal trainer and try walk twice a week. It is important to fuel your body correctly: from the water and tea you drink, to the food you eat.”

A wine lover with a drive to ‘give back’ and who aims to leave things better than what he found them, Jon Meinking from Hashtag Radio, has a simple, but effective approach to maintaining a balancing act: “Sleep well, work hard, exercise often, volunteer freely and drink only the best wines that I love.”

With one of the industry’s most high-pressured jobs, Maryna Calow, Communications Manager at Wines of South Africa, appreciates the necessity of switching off, and spending time with family, to remain balanced: “To maintain my work-life balance I ensure that the important people have access to my mobile phone number, so if there is an emergency after hours, they can get hold of me on there, which means that when I leave the office, my laptop stays shut, except on the absolute odd occasion when something urgent needs attention. Being a working mother is very demanding and seeing my kids grow up so fast is what ensures that I spend as much time with them as possible. I also often get invited to functions and events after hours and over weekends. With those, I will always ask whether my husband and/or kids can attend (if suitable). If they can, great, if not, then I’ll still go, but at least I’ve tried to incorporate them into my work-life in order for us to do something fun together as a family.”

One of South Africa’s favourite breakfast DJs, Guy McDonald from Magic 828 AM, gets up earlier than most people to ensure his listeners enjoy a fun start to their day. But how does he maintain his sunny disposition? “Download a meditation App on to your phone like “Insight Timer”. It has a variety of meditations of different lengths to suit different tastes or moods. I use that to help relax me for up to 20 mins in a day. My other tip is to swim. I do at least 1.25km in a pool at least once a week – preferably three times a week – it helps you to block out the world, get off your phone and think while exercising.”

Benike Palfi from the popular I Love Foodies blog balances a variety of diverse interests and jobs: she is a food writer and model and loves a good adventure (and food of course!). Although very active on social media, she is also an advocate of ‘phone downtime’: “The one thing that’s really working for me is having strong morning and evening rituals – with my phone on airplane mode to avoid social distraction. The first two hours of my morning I spend exercising, listening to motivational podcasts, and making breakfast, and the last two hours of my evening I spend organising my home and workspace, goal-setting, reading, and meditating. I find keeping my phone off vitally important, especially as I live such a social life and I can never really ‘switch off’ – unless I force the world out and focus on myself.”

Through My Wine Glass blogger, Elvina Snell-Fortuin is a boisterous wine lover, who is always smiling with a genuine interest in people. On the surface, it certainly seems like she has mastered the recipe of work-life-balance. What is her secret? “One of the tips I try my best to live by is to be present in whatever I do. Whether I’m with my family at home, work, gym or with friends. In today’s society, we place unnecessary pressure on ourselves to be “AlwaysOn” I prefer #AlwaysPresent.”

Writing for one of South Africa’s most prominent fitness magazine, Michelle October’s work-life-balance motto appropriately rests on exercise: “My tip would be to find an activity outside of work that you can latch on to. I’m taking up surfing, so I get more quality time with the ocean.”

Ashante Dlamini-Mthembu, the writer at Good Housekeeping, is the personification of cool class. Chasing deadlines every day, managing shoots and attending events makes for a full week, yet she makes balancing it all look so effortless. “My best tip for keeping a work-life balance is doing my best to not bring work home. Maintaining quality time with loved ones is a great stress reliever and lots of fun. Especially when there is a great bottle of MCC involved.”