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Breedekloof Makers and Their Infinite Playlist

In celebration of #DrinkChenin day on 15 June, the Breedekloof Makers invited a group of influencers – from sommeliers to wine writers to radio hosts to Jan Braai – to create a playlist dedicated to this remarkable variety.

The Breedekloof Makers – a band of like-minded winemakers from the Breedekloof Wine Valley crafting small quantities of terroir-specific and individualistic Chenin Blanc – are on a mission to convert every wine drinker into a Chenin Blanc lover.

lazyloadAs a fellow Chenin Blanc lover, these influencers were asked to join the calling, by encouraging their friends, fans, and followers to opt for Chenin Blanc on 15 June – a variety which South Africa is becoming quite popular for, as 50% of the world’s Chenin Blanc is planted here.

These influencers each received a bottle of Chenin Blanc – one of 13 made under the Breedekloof Makers collective. Each Chenin Blanc has a distinct personality from the other 12, and the Breedekloof Makers requested influencers to illustrate the personality of the Chenin Blanc they received by creating a playlist to best describe it.

“Is it a playful Chenin?” the Breedekloof Makers asked the influencers, “or is it heavy, or light? Is it serious, classy, or just plain cheeky? Does it remind you of rain or dusted plains?” Influencers were encouraged to go on a journey of exploration…and these were the diverse playlists that resulted:

Wine writer Marthelize Tredoux, who received a bottle of Lateganskop, described her Chenin Blanc as “Bold. Mysterious. Vixenish. Sophisticated. Infatuating” and this was the five songs she chose to pair it with

Johannesburg influencer Lloyd Loots, who tasted a bottle of Bergsig Chenin Blanc, created a “100% South African playlist for a 100% South African Chenin Blanc” and this is his playlist:

Tshepang Molisana, wine writer, choose a mix of Norah Jones, Nicky Minaj, Sam Smith, Beyonce and Kendricklazyload Lamar to illustrate her sensory journey with Jason’s Hill Beatrix Chenin Blanc:

Radio host Guy McDonald was inspired by the Opstal’s Carl Everson Single Vineyard Chenin Blanc that “is ever so elegant and classy”, and created an equally ageless and classy soundtrack to accompany it:

Chef Sue-Ann Allen found the Botha Kelder Chenin Blanc to be “sassy but strong right from the start, working itself up to a full sensory explosion” and this is why her playlist is equally sensuous, but upbeat:

lazyloadWine enthusiast and blogger Elvina Fortuin paired each of the sensory elements of the Badsberg Chenin Blanc to a specific song, from the oak aromas (Timber by Kesha) to the long lingering finish “which will have you missing this wine once the bottle is empty” (Missing You by Puff Daddy). Enjoy her playlist here:

Everybody’s favourite braai master, Jan Braai, who was inspired by a bottle of Merwida Chenin Blanc, created a playlist to listen to “while you braai and enjoy a wine in that valley, or anywhere else”:

Inspired by songs that are “serious and elegant; initially lean but eventually opening into waves of yum,” wine enthusiast Jono Le Feuvre created this playlist to pair to Deetlefs Reserve Chenin Blanc:

Laidback like the Lateganskop Zahir Chenin Blanc, sommelier at the Test Kitchen, Tinashe Nyamoduka created a soulful playlist to complement this Chenin’s equally soulful core:

Celebrating women power, with Stofberg Family Vineyards Chenin Blanc made by Mariëtte Stofberg, radio presenter, and wine influencer Jon Meinking went for an all-female playlist:

Upbeat and inviting you to get up and dance, is how Drinkfeed’s writer, Anel Grobler paired the Stofberg Wine Estate Chenin Blanc

Complementing the refined fruit expressions of pineapple in the Slanghoek Barrel Fermented Chenin Blanc, Penelope Setti, sommelier at Chefs Warehouse and Canteen created an equally delightful playlist

To listen to everyone’s playlists, click here

The Chenin Blancs in the Breedekloof Makers collective include:

  1. Opstal
  2. Bergsig
  3. Daschbosch
  4. Merwida
  5. Deetlefs
  6. Badsberg
  7. Slanghoek
  8. Stofberg Family Vineyards
  9. Jason’s Hill
  10. Botha
  11. Olifantsberg
  12. Lateganskop
  13. Stofberg Wine Estate