Dinner With Duckitt

Bellingham Wines #DinnerWithDuckitt

Feed That Bird was asked to introduce Bellingham’s new Chief Winemaker, Richard Duckitt, to a young and engaged wine audience.

Feed That Bird conceptualised a virtual dinner party with wine lovers and influencers to virtually join Bellingham Chief Winemaker and Magic 828’s Guy McDonald in the kitchen as they shared a glass or two of Bellingham wine.

Bloggers and wine lovers were alerted to the virtual dinner on Twitter, under the hashtag #DinnerWithDuckitt and invited to join the conversation a week in advance to ensure audience engagement.

Over a period of one week (22 March – 29 March), this virtual conversation enjoyed multiple engagements with a massive spike in Bellingham’s social presence:

  • Estimated social reach: 265 246 (+9 521%)
  • Social media interactions: 2 579 (+674%)
  • Social media shares: 385 (+19 150%)
  • Social media likes: 2 182 (+576%)

The event alone hosted on 28 March reached 81 322 Twitter accounts in less than 24 hours with over 332 872 impressions achieved on Twitter.

Bellingham Dinner With Duckitt

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