Who we are

Feed That Bird Communication Consultants (Pty Ltd) is a full-service public relations and brand-building PR firm based in Cape Town.

The agency has been founder-run since 2015, and prides itself in providing brands with integrated and creative PR and content strategies. Feed That Bird is proud to be the preferred PR, social media and brand narrative suppliers to some of the country’s most established brands with a client book that reaches from Cape Town and Johannesburg to Germany and Australia.

Feed That Bird is a ‘creativity first’ company. This is the fundamental principle that guides our brand strategies and gives our clients their edge. The core Feed That Bird team has been structured to reflect this creative approach with professionals who are as imaginative as they are strategic.

The Feed That Bird team is nimble, competitive and responsive to clients’ needs. We work closely with brand marketers to immerse and align ourselves to their goals and objectives – their success is our success. We believe this is the reason why the majority of our clients have been with the company for three years and more.

Jeanri-Tine Van Zyl-Punt – Director

Jeanri-Tine has more than 15 years’ experience in PR and marketing for clients ranging from multinationals, technology, finance, travel and CSI initiatives, to wine and hospitality. She is a well-known personality in the wine industry, an industry which she loves dearly and in which she actively participates as writer, wine judge and brand consultant. Through her dedicated efforts, Jeanri-Tine cultivates and maintains a network of friendly relationships with trade, media, international commentators and opinion leaders. She’s a strong strategic thinker with a complementary creative drive – a key factor in serving brands optimally in their efforts to stand out from the crowd.

Awesome Branding

Feed That Bird is known and respected in the industry for providing real-time, relevant, interesting and engaging information to media and for our ability to develop creative communication strategies across traditional and digital media. We are valued for our driven and committed work ethic. We are also industry insiders: media, consumers and trade trust what we say. Due to this trusted standing in the market, brands in Feed That Bird Communication Consultants’ portfolio carry a valuable endorsement by our company, a synergy which translates into a positive impact on all our clients’ business objectives.

Our Name

Feed That Bird is inspired by the genius of birds. Highly intelligent creatures, with a particularly strong gut instinct, they are also playful, vocal, agile, incredibly adaptable and very, very social. For all their intelligence, their most enjoyable pastime is singing – telling stories.

In 2021, following a year that reshaped the world, our logo and brand now reflects the crane. It is inspired by the origami crane which is said to inspire hope and healing during challenging times. The crane is also known as the bird of happiness, and it is believed that if one folds 1000 cranes your wish will come true.

At Feed That Bird we take these values onboard. And we put in the hard work with a smile on our face. Folding cranes daily to make our clients’ wishes come true.